Sunday, March 27, 2011

What is Organizational Change? Sources of Resistance to cahnge.

Organizational Change: Change is any altercation occurring in the work environment that affects the easy in which employees must act. These change may be planned or unplanned, catastrophic or evolutionary, positive or negative strong or weak, slow or rapid stimulated either internally or externally. Regarding of their source, nature, origin, pace or strength, change can have profound effects on their source, nature, origin, pace or strength, changes can have profound effects on their recipients.
Many authors have define organizational changed. Which are listed below:
Newstrom & Keith Davis,"The team work change refer to any altercation that occurs in the overall work environment."
Kast &Rosenziweih,"Organization inevitable change because they are open system inconstant interaction with their environment.
W.M. Glueck,"To change an enterprise is to make the enterprise different in some way in order to better achieve its objectives."
Source of Individual resistance to change:
1. Habit
2. Security
3.Economic Factors
4. Fear of the unknown
5. Selective Information Processing
Sources of Organizational Resistance to Change:
1. Structural Inertia
2. Limited Focus of Change
3. Group Inertia
4. Thereat to Expertise
5. Threat to Established Power Relationship
6. Threat to Established Resource Allocations.


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